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The 1.5m³ Front Lift Bin features are those of the 1.0m³, again ideally suited to allow waste material to be discretely managed and disposed of, in and around the general public, or in areas where hygiene is a priority.

The Front Lift Bins unique features allow the user to control many aspects of the waste materials properties. The odour can be controlled with the UV stable plastic lid. The unit’s lid not only controls odour, but serves as a pest control deterrent as well. The lid fitted to this bin is slightly bigger than the 1.0m³ bin lid, and weighs slightly more. Care should therefore be taken when opening or closing the lid. Sensitive waste may be managed with the lockable lug and chain fitted to all Flow Force manufactured units. The feature allows users to lock the lid preventing access by unauthorised users. The lid is fitted with a lid stay enabling the lid to be left open in one of three predetermined positions, slightly open, half open or fully open. The lid also has the capacity to fold back completely and rest on the rear of the bin.

Another user friendly feature is the wheel system employed which allows for the 1.5m³ Front Lift Bin to be easily positioned by a single person when empty, or moved to accommodate the needs of the user. Each Bin is fitted with two lockable free castoring steel wheels and two fixed steel wheels bolted underneath pockets allowing for replacement or removal of the wheels.

The 1.5m³ has been structurally engineered to hold 1.5 cubic metre of solids. It therefore has the potential to weigh 1.5 metric ton. This capacity should be taken into account when moving a full unit around as it may have the kinetic energy to overpower the person/person’s manually positioning the unit.

All front Lift Bins are cleaned and emptied using the purpose built truck fitted with forward facing tynes that locate into side pockets fitted at a standard height to all units. The bin is raised over the top of the truck and emptied into the truck’s on board compactor unit. The empty bin is then replaced on the floor for staff to wheel into position or commence filling again.

All Units are fitted with a 50mm bung that can be screwed closed, making the unit water tight, or removed to allow excess water to be removed.


Front Lift Bins can be manufactured and supplied without lids and wheels, or fitted with non-marking wheels for internal use in factory’s and offices.

Standard material for manufacture is 3mm & 5mm mild steel construction.
The standard finish applied to the product is enamel paint.
Structural design and material selection of these units are in accordance with AS2359.1.
Welded fabrication of the product is in accordance with AS 1554.1 SP.