Forklift Attachments > Fork Tyne Extensions

Fork extensions are designed to temporarily extend the standard forks fitted to the fork truck. When in use the extensions should be loaded evenly and used to stabilize the load. Under no circumstances should the slippers be used to carry the entire load and should not exceed more than one third of the parent fork length.

The extensions should slide over the standard forks completely until the retention pins can be positively locked into place. The inside pocket dimensions of the fork slippers are: Class 2 – 140 x 64mm, Class 3 – 180 x 69mm, and Class 4 – 220 x 82mm.

Please specify parent fork tyne dimensions, i.e. length, width and height, when ordering slippers.

The standard finish applied to the product is ‘safety yellow’ enamel paint.

Structural design of and material selection for this product is in accordance with AS2359.1 and AS2359.15.

Welding fabrication of the product is in accordance with AS1554.1 SP.