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Fixed jib attachments are designed to temporarily convert a forklift to a mobile crane. The jib attachment shall slide on to the forks completely until the retention pins can be positively locked into place. The attachment is fitted with a swivel sling hook. The D-shackle shall be located to the correct lift hole and secured there.

The standard finish applied to the product is ‘Safety Yellow’ enamel paint.
Stuctural design and material selection for these attachments are in accordance with AS2359.1.
Welded fabrication of the product is in accordance with AS1554.1 SP.

Part Number Mass Kg Product Dimensions LxWxH Centre of Gravity
FF-FJC2-2000 135 2055 x 514 x 505mm Hor 787 Vert 157mm
FF-FJC2-3500 190 3555 x 514 x 505mm Hor 1400 Vert 200mm
FF-FJC5-2000 165 2055 x 618 x 509mm Hor 703 Vert 147mm
FF-FJC5-3500 220 3550 x 514 x505mm Hor 1271 Vert 184mm