Industrial Waste Bins > Skip/Merrel Bins > 7m³ Heavy Duty Skip Bin

Unlike the 3m³ Skip Bin’s this 7m³Scrap Steel Skip Bin is purpose built to meet the requirements of a particular maket. Construction of this Skip Bin is robust to withstand the punishment of daily use in a metal scrap yard, however this type of constructed bin also leads it self to mine sites where the customer is looking for a a bin just that heavier construction to allow a longer life in a hositle environment.
All Skip Bins are emptied and cleaned via the purpose built truck that is fitted with rear lifting bar and chains that via chains connect to the side pins located on the outside of the bin.There is also the option of providing pockets to the skip bin so that a Fork truck with a rotating head can be employed to empty the content, if using chains they must be checked as as per Australian Standards and Law.